Reviews for "Star Moans"

when will you people realize it is just a fucking game I mean come on there are actual porn videos that do the same fucking thing stop hating on him

Hottest character yet

Was anyone else annoyed by chewy going off every second?

How do I turn the sound off?

I miss the days you actually produce QUALITY work. Rape aside, this looks like it was produced in a week after the creator(s) took a snort of crack and decided to do a porn parody.


You expected to see pros? Good luck. The only pro I can say is that playing this mess of a game made me go back to your previous games so I can remember the good times.


Everything else. I don't mind huge boobs, but must you plaster them on nearly every female character in every fucking game you've produced for the past few years? What happened to variety? Instead of appealing to the crowd, it feels like the creator is jerking off their personal interests onto the script and then spilling their load over the audience.