Reviews for "Star Moans"

wookie dick

when the clone trooper isnt black, SMH

Honestly the forced moan audio bothered me, what girl moans THAT much at a titjob didn't help that it sounded like it was stolen from a bad porno

Ok, first off, Star moans return of the lust, I think you mean, Star whores, the lust jedi, and also just, Kylo ren taking off his helmet HAHAHAHAHA, Kylo ren, popping a boner HAHAHAHA, Kylo ren, ONLY BLINKING ONE EYE HAHAHAH "what the hell is she orgasmic." HAHAHAHAHA I HAVE THE URGE TO SEE YOur bOSOM HAHAHAHAHA

Bad, just, Bad 2 stars.

Missed the opportunity of "Star Whores".