Reviews for "Star Moans"

much better than any of the crap theyve been putting out the last few years. the protagonist didnt have tits the size of the sun, the bodies look better proportioned and the art style is very nice. however, the odd facial expressions need to stop. just... women dont stick their tongue out to the side like a retarded emoji when theyre having sex

The artwork is amazing

heck yes, a game for star wars! I loved it!!!

I Miss the old Vadim... Oh well, at least this is better than the other ones, Solid game overall.

Hot game overall. But Rey is a petite girl, she should've had tiny tits. Also would've been hotter if they turned Phasma over to Chewie and made her pleasure him. I would've rather have seen the threesome with Leia...she's more forbidden being Han's girl, much kinkier.