Reviews for "Star Moans"

I find it hilarious people are complaining and giving this bad reviews
1) It's a porn game
2) Why do people care about the fact that their tits or huge or what face they're making, it's set in a universe with aliens and magic
3) I T S A F U C K I N G P O R N G A M E
Who goes into this expecting an exciting plot or realistic and exciting gameplay? It's a flash game called 'Star Moans'. Why would you think it's anything but that? And yes, I do see the irony in me commenting this but I couldn't help it. I jacked off to it.

I laughed as soon as i saw Kylo's face.


getting better... the ait is bad but looks better then the last few you have put out

can't escape the damn reylos no matter where i go