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Reviews for "Goofy's Confession - A Christmas Tale"

I assumed this would be like any other edgy kids parody, but I was wrong. Really like how you actually told a dramatic story.

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you. I was hoping that it wasn't too cliche of an Internet video.

dude, this was DARK as heck and i LOVED it!
props to u man, u did this gud

FlumpyTripod responds:

Oh boy, thanks.

I laugh hard at this lol.

Well animated but above all this was DARK. I mean this is as Goth as Disney can GET. I have to give massive props to this, you wrecked Christmas and Disney in one fell swoop.

I cannot help feeling this was inspired or influenced by Kurt Colbain.

TOTALLY HARD CORE! I had to drop five for a broad scope of storytelling Kung Fu. The audio tracked perfectly with this. It was a mix of very old Disney with old Disney. It went from classic Christmas to the Full Metal Jacket Barracks latrine scene with private Pyle.

What is your malfunction Private Goofy? I was amazed at how "clean" this was kept. The emoting in the voice work was perfect. The animation while not being "Perfect" was still perfect in the sense of old time hand drawn animation in the golden age. The mood was set perfectly. Again this is a cast of a perfect merger of many elements to give us a DARK twisted Disney Christmas Carol.

I approve. Thank you very much for some Yule Tide Disney Darkness!

FlumpyTripod responds:

Goddamn, thanks. Glad I could make your holiday season that much more enjoyable.

Seems like the logical continuation of Goof Troop.

FlumpyTripod responds:

Finally, someone understands.