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Reviews for "Goofy's Confession - A Christmas Tale"

Dark but great animation.

Good animation, sound and voices. Really appreciate the effort.

It's dark for the sake of being dark. There were no messages, thought provoking imagery or even jokes. It felt like something was missing.

"Can't a man clean his gun, Mickey?" Ahhahahahaha

This is really good
Why is it Goofy why make Goofy suffer he is the best why not make Mickey suffer and die instead? no one likes Mickey Mouse

FlumpyTripod responds:

All of Mickey's failures are a weight on Goofy's shoulders. Mickey's Walt's chosen boy. He isn't responsible for anything. Goofy, on the other hand, has a son and a dead wife... He's got a lot weighing on his mind besides all of Mickey's problems.

Fantastic story, animation, and perfectly executed. It's animations like this tha keep me coming back to NG. Thanks.

FlumpyTripod responds:

Oh wow. Thanks.