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Reviews for "Goofy's Confession - A Christmas Tale"

What were the horrible crimes that he commited? Why did he do them? Why did he kill his only child? Why did he decide to kill himself so close to Christmas? Why...?

This "conclusion" has only left more questions than answers, and for a 2 minute animation, It says a lot. I would love to see an animation about Goofy's past, the things he had done, his psychological state all the way until the end.

This animation has really captivated me. It was brilliant.

FlumpyTripod responds:

Wow, thanks. Goofy is a true mystery.

I knew that Goofy was going to die. He was always bonkers, but this time, he may have realised that he's truly insane. That's why there's no ah-hyug sound from him at all. This is an amazing alternate take on a children's show, FlumpyTripod! The voice acting was also spot-on.

FlumpyTripod responds:



Goofy’s Confession brings about the story of former living Disney character Goofy coming to terms with his past and deteriorating state of mind. He explains to his companion, Mickey Mouse, the crimes he had once committed, as he slowly slips away into insanity. Mickey, troubled and unknowing what to do, attempts to comfort his friend as he rambles on about the murders. Looking deep into his eyes, you can really notice the fear and confusion that Mickey is experiencing at this moment. And in the aftermath, Mickey may feel at fault for this situation. Like he couldn’t save his best friend. Goofy, on the other hand, of course looks distressed and depressed, but the darkness of his pupils and facial features brought out the emptiness that urge for him to end it all. After all, what did Goofy have left? He lost his family, committed horrible crimes, he could never go back. There was only one option, to end it all, just like he did his son. The final song at the end, Silent Night, really encaptures the sadness of the moment, but maybe even redemption. Goofy has been forgiven for what he had done. And this, is why this is a true masterpiece.

In all seriousness though, this was a pretty cool animation, loved the character designs and the voice acting was great. Keep up the good work :)

FlumpyTripod responds:


Macabre.......but well....done...? O_o