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Reviews for "The Goose is Loose!"

very well done animations here, and you can tell you're still working on perfecting your style.
There's a bit of chop between your animations and movements, but no CGI is 100%!
The joke may be overly used, but the fact that you pulled it off soo well earned you 5s and the fact you went CGI with your goods instead of going the traditional old school route with your animations! Bout time we see someone stepping up the game in animations :D

It's funny and looks pretty good. There could be a couple improvements here or there but I still like it a lot! Great work!

oh this is sooo funny!!! the sudden end and the caption thing, awesome man!

Funny and creative, (but probably used alot) but its still a great and creative idea :) (especially in NewGrounds)

... I feel like this when I'm weeding. But unlike Ben Aflac, I usually win.