Reviews for "Make Way For Rapey Jackson"

Freakin' hilarious! Clever lip sync action, and all the humps and overly creepy tone of the original material helps as well. I don't mean to go all full white knight SJW here (I despise those people), but videos like this are great because they simultaneously mock AND bring to light just how sick society is. The games we play when trying to get a mate. A lot of guys are clingy and pushy like this. And while she's just not having it....he's not taking no for an answer. Because that's the "manly" thing to do. Fight for what you want. Be persistent. Be a MAN! She'll submit eventually. Maybe even be flattered by your pushiness! So you can get dat sweet pussiness! What!? SHAMONE! EEE heee!!!! *grabs crotch and begins to pulsate*

Oddly reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, but it's only really funny for the novelty of it.

This is quite good
If she knew who he was she would have gave herself to him from the beginning

This is not offensive its silly

Indeed, it isn't animated, but there is always an exception to the rule, if the author is a loved and respected creator.

This video reminds me of Bad Lip Reading series. As to why your video got deleted? Youtube is very SJW in their policy, meaning that you can't make fun of RAEP. And if you do, god won't have mercy on your soul.

In many ways, it's very easy to make fun of MJ, because well, he was moving like a pervert, and he was an alleged pedophile, albeit nothing was ever proven. But then again, nobody ended up in prison after the recent hollywood scandal either.

I will always love your works, and rate it too highly than I probably should, even if you film yourself pooping in the closet. But then again, I guess that you would make even that creative and genius. The video in question could have been a little longer, but otherwise, a very nice parody with a GOOD TASTE.

Rap culture condensed. Excellent work, Doki!