Reviews for "Make Way For Rapey Jackson"

This is hilarious. Very well done.
Reasons why?
You chose the perfect MJ music video to do something like this on.
The audio timing and ambience was perfect.
You put the PSA type thing at the end, which was golden.
The British accents of them fit in very well, and they were just flat out hilarious.
One of the few Newgrounds movies that actually had me laughing a lot, and didn't just give me a couple giggles.

Great job.

This is fucking golden.

it's old but nostalgic too

Good sir, this is a grand work of art.

I think Michael Jackson rape jokes are old. Then again, this wasn't with little boys. I guess it was unique. With the Weinstein effect, Michael Jackson is one of the least awful offenders out there. He's been dead for a long time too. Wait, so it's okay to make fun of him?

You should have used Bill Cosby. or Jared or said Weinstein or basically any other celebrity. Still, he does technically have more than the average celebrity. "Numa Numa Dance" was taken off unfortunately. I guess the lip sync was pretty good. It just wasn't that much of a joke.