Reviews for "Make Way For Rapey Jackson"

Ah, I've missed this one! Good decision to to put it up here. It is as if it is here that it belongs.

this just made my brothers strange but intense fear of MJ worse

Meadow Man when?

nobody understands rape culture when they dont write a zero for this. this is a bad thing to post

Doki responds:

I think YOU don't understand rape culture if you think this video in any way promotes it. This is making fun of Michael Jackson and how (possibly unintentionally) rapey his original music video was. Getting comedy involved is not advocating.

That ending though. XD Such great entertainment from the simplest of switches... it's like Knox good 'ol dubs all over again, but better! The new, the higher resolution; much improved! Wish there was a bigger place for stuff like this, though suppose it might land in the realm of legal gray area, as the others did from back then. Great stuff though. Much entertained.