Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

Great Gameplay and Storytelling, which makes the game more enjoyable to play, Even though there were few bugs, but still, Great Game.

One of the best game that ever have been on newgrounds. Legendary!

Vadim will resurrect trough Aizu's ear, huh? I am really looking forward for this story. Taking the christian suffering god ethos and weaponizing it, and there is still so much more mistaries, and characters who we will see more of :) Oh, GREAT!

I read the conversations out loud to truly celebrate the ingenious writing.

I only grow a bit worried about the difficulty for me. After finishing the games compleatly flawless and using the skills more effective then when I started this game the last final few missions did not pose a threat to me anymore. Maybe adding a difficulty menu in the next part?

BUG Report: At the city gates in Tierva I had Ivan and Oksana standing at opposite sides of the entrance, so they could punish every invading forces coming trough. The gate covers three tiles, giving way to 3 enemies. Everytime no enemies came I made Ivan use "Smoke Storm" on them, which covers 3 tiles wide and 2 tiles depts, so I should have been able to hit 2 out of 3 of the new arriving enemies. When I used it I was indeed able to hit those 2 and not the thrid one, but Oksana, which would be the fourth in the row, was hit by my attack. I tried that multiple times. It could be that the citygate messes with the attack-tiles. No mayorly important bug, though.

Suggestions: I can easily accept that in this crazy world moving earth walls are getting coughy when Ivan vapors them, but it might be not intended. Also the gas-mask soldiers in Gilbrechts Mansion were vulnarable to smoke-attacks. That really took of the "realism" of the game in that scene.

If I recall correctly I had a total run-trough with demoralization of Tevoran. Nothing was imune to it. I think its fine that enemies are not prepared for it, since its kindof like an Ultimate of Tevoran, but it is kinda fun to imagine how Tevoran demoralized Cati, Animals and living pieces of dirt (like stalagmites)
Neither Duriken nor Fallon were prepared for Demoralization. ... Which I understand, though. Tevoran is a good talker ^^ And in the rebellion storm-of-the-bastille battle that attack and its effect felt very realistic.

But why did you make Reinolds ultimate roundhousekick weaker than the second grade? I felt betrayed that I had to decide not to use Chucks erm Reinolds ulltimate hidden Roundhouse-Technique.

Oh,my! :) So lets wait another two years for the next chapter!! ^^ All the best to you guys! All the freaking best to you!!!

Everything was just perfect. The story is unfolding greatly and keeps you on edge. The gameplay is challenging yet fair and doesn't bore you in any way. All the characters, old and new, are well writen. Even small things like map secrets and new abilities are actually fun to play around with and explore. I anxiously await the finale to this great series.

Awesome as always, can't wait for the last one, keep up the amazing work guys!

Yep, still a masterpierce.

The battles are even more challenging, yet not unfair, the plot thickens more and more...

Really hope the fourth one will come soon, and thant the four chapters can be reunited in one big game.