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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

The wait was well worth it! Good job, Mezzanine! I think it was great seeing more of the world of World's End and seeing new characters, new enemies & bosses, new abilities, and more of the plot as it continues to thicken! I wish there was more opportunities to obtain more Zloteks for the new weapons and armor, but I'm sure you have a plan for Chapter 4 and had a reason for doing so for replayability! Keep up the good work! I'll be right here to play the next one!

Great game!

Bug report: sometimes, when trying to attack an enemy at significantly lower height, the attack preview shows 100% chance to hit, but actual attack always misses. (Seems limited to melee attacks, spears included)

Still one the best games here though they kinda feel under powered compared to the second one

Wonderful, just like the previous two! I didn't even encounter any bugs I think... Waiting eagerly now for the next one, this is certainly one of the most enjoyable uses of my free time :)

Perfect but after a first few battles, my squad already has the best weapons so the later battles are dissapointingly easier. Vera-rescuing mission I found is the most hardest in this installment as time is limited and the foes damages are high. The others are so easy. Who already played the previous with save in chapter 2 will walk in the park this time.

Debuffs might be fun but they are not optimal for fast skill, fast charge. I go with all-out damage build for all characters would result in almost two foes' deaths each turn. The library-saving mission I kill all the flamefire in round 2 so only three shelfs are destroyed.

I would like to have hard difficulty mode for the veterans like me. Best game in Newgrounds.