Reviews for "World's End Chapter 3"

Ooooh It's back, folks! YES!!

In the earliest pre-stage party skills menu, Vera appears available as a party member and the game allows you to buy her skills even if she is not going to join the party for long (I still had not finished the game).

MezzanineStairs responds:

This is now fixed - thank you for pointing it out!

The wait was well worth it! Good job, Mezzanine! I think it was great seeing more of the world of World's End and seeing new characters, new enemies & bosses, new abilities, and more of the plot as it continues to thicken! I wish there was more opportunities to obtain more Zloteks for the new weapons and armor, but I'm sure you have a plan for Chapter 4 and had a reason for doing so for replayability! Keep up the good work! I'll be right here to play the next one!

Where to even begin? I started playing this series by starting with the latest one ( 3 ) ( which was not optimal but lesson learned lol ) After completing the third installment I liked it so much that I went back, over the last week or so, played 1 & 2 in order this time & re-played 3. The first game was quite a bit more difficult & playing any one of the games without playing at least one of the previous chapters ramps up the difficulty. I came to appreciate how important it can be to play a series in it's proper order, how acquiring resources from the previous installments comes in handy down the line & how, essentially previous actions effect what you have to work with at the time and in the future. I was also delighted to find that enemy actions are procedurally generated? At least I think they are, the enemy AI has some sort of learning curve & I rather enjoyed it. Damage too ( I did a lot of quick saves / quick loads to come to that conclusion >_> ) Solid game, solid series I'll most likely replay it in entirety in giddy anticipation of the 4th installment.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite flash game (series) ever (tied with "Cave Story")! It's got so much originality and heart. All of the characters are wonderful, the plot is rich, and the comedy is top-notch! When will Chapter 4 be released?