Reviews for "Yogi Bear Goes Wrong"

this is the best thing i ever seen

Enjoyed that a lot more than I expected hahaha

This is great - I've always had some sort of strange obsession with Yogi Bear, and this type of scenario has always been stuck in my head for as long as I can remember. I feel as if you've captured that concept pretty well with your own work.

Your art style is great; the minimalist-look is both hilarious and cute. The actual animation was fairly smooth, however, you probably could have spent some extra time doing some additional frames/perspective assets for when they move their heads and arms around. Also, just a suggestion: but a brief mockery of a title and credits segment would have helped pushed the joke even further. That's just my own opinion though, and doesn't dictate how I voted in the end.

The quality of the audio was fantastic; the voice acting was heartwarming, and the music complimented the tone for what was going on, like all good cartoons should. I think, personally, the vocal censoring was a phenomenal decision, since you'd never expect these animated goofballs to be using such vocabulary in the first place. That makes it even more funnier.

A short yet sweet bite-sized skit that I can see myself watching over and over again on repeat. Superb work!

SilentChimaru responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I'm glad you enjoyed the animation as much as I did working on it.
If you liked the voice acting you should check Craig Ball on twitter ( @C2raiG ) , he did all the voices!

should be unsencored