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Reviews for "School Suspension"

this is great

"Stop staring at my ass!"

For real though, that animation was great. I liked it a lot.

Kind of relatable, because every time I do something mildly bad, my parents tell me "Do you want to end up in a mental hospital?!"

Sounds like this might be the first in a new series. XD The Suspension Trilogy? Name's got some kind of ring to it... though it was entertaining to hear that sounds pretty crazy for something like that. :| I mean it's just A A word. Don't think I managed to get more than a detention during those years, though did do some things... anyway good sketch!


heh. This gang of bully-tastic rejects in elementary school suddenly started pitching snowballs at me at recess. they kept me from getting in line at call. 'I' get the pink slip from the genius recess guard. ;) Bitch had it out for me, but then she... just... started being nice. I STILL have no idea why. Fun Times. Cough.

Damn ISS.. I don't feel tardy, but I was in there a few times. It was fun we played UNO. I like your stories & design, so funny. Keep going!