Reviews for "The Impossible Quizmas"

This game is back,yesss.

Sigh, I'm going back to my younger years. I wonder what other information my brain could be holding instead of how to defeat both the original impossible quiz and this one...

oh well, time to get those last two presents

I broke it by clicking the wrong light just as I ran out of time. Sitting on a blue screen with 1 life and the normal music playing in the background.

Me: Alright Chris, if you want this candy cane you need 2 believe that you won't bug the other kitties, and what ever you do, don't brea-
Chris:* Breaks Arms*
Medal Get!: Jesus Christ!
Me: CALL 911 NOW!!!!!

Break His Arms While Your At Question 6. :)

love it just like i loved all the other quizzes :)