Reviews for "The Impossible Quizmas"

Great game, butt i don't like how it gives the same present over and over and sometimes don't give you any new presents.

Please fix, I've tried refreshing the page 3 times but still not loaded. I find this annoying. It worked just once and I found it a nice game to speedrun.

Entertaining quiz, but I want to mention a couple of issues/concerns.

First, question #24 has a bug: if you make a mistake after selecting a few right answers, the board resets, but the internal count of how many correct answers have been given isn't being reset. This causes the victory board to pop up early after only a few more right answers, which prevents the player from seeing the board. The countdown continues and the game doesn't advance to the next question, so making a single mistake on this question is basically an instant game over.

Second, since the RNG loot box system (nice trend-following, btw) allows duplicates and empties, I hope it has a ceiling on it to "rescue" the statistical outliers who would otherwise need to complete the game perfectly dozens upon dozens of times. I've been that statistic before, it's a bad experience. It's an easy mistake to make since most people's brains don't intuitively understand the math of it (hell, I barely understand it myself).

It's been 10 years. Do I remember yet again? Yup. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.

This was the best Christmas present ever. Always loved your insane, quirky quizzes and this one doesn't disappoint. Deviously genius in parts and flat-out bonkers in others, this is another great entry!

Merry Quizmas!