Reviews for "The Impossible Quizmas"

Back from the death, but it was worth it.

The game doesn't animate during the dodgy bulb part so it's impossible for me. Changing quality doesn't help. The timer doesn't even animate. I gave 3 stars because Newgrounds is a braindead site that won't let me comment without rating so I had to rate something.

FUCKING AWESOME, I remember playing these in school, and competing with my friends seeing who could beat a quiz faster and who could beat it first. This is brings back great times. Great job! Also HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

I got stuck on the Christmas lights thing and could only get a skip and kept dying looking for a way to answer without using my skip. I'm currently watching GTLive playing this and i don't know how they get a skip AND get to proceed to the next question WITH their skip. I have no idea what to do.

Short and Sweet :)