Reviews for "The Impossible Quizmas"

The game doesn't animate during the dodgy bulb part so it's impossible for me. Changing quality doesn't help. The timer doesn't even animate. I gave 3 stars because Newgrounds is a braindead site that won't let me comment without rating so I had to rate something.

FUCKING AWESOME, I remember playing these in school, and competing with my friends seeing who could beat a quiz faster and who could beat it first. This is brings back great times. Great job! Also HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

I got stuck on the Christmas lights thing and could only get a skip and kept dying looking for a way to answer without using my skip. I'm currently watching GTLive playing this and i don't know how they get a skip AND get to proceed to the next question WITH their skip. I have no idea what to do.

nice game ;)

Short and Sweet :)