Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"

Not great

This wasn't great because it was extremely short and it should have been more than him just standing there repeating himself. It was semi ok though.


It was kinda Shitty. All Seinfeld would say over and over was "HELLLLOOO!!" which was pretty god-damn annoying. The only sorta good part was when you got to kill him


Funny but it sucked.......bad!!!!!!!!!!


its boring.all that u get to do is click on the stage lights and they fall on him and he dies.and their should be other ways to kill him.and that hellooooooooooo is annoying.this game should be like the judge judy game


That kinda sucked cause Seinfield is an awsome show and why would u kill him?And the killin and gore wuz 2 fckin short!