Reviews for "South Park Kenny buy game"

This is the best animation i have ever seen on newgrounds ( so far ) I really loved it . And i am also a big South Park fan so that made it complete i love the style and the part when micheal jackson came xD this was a very fun animation you really made my day!

This is really nice man!! I don't really get the ending, with the barbie doll, but the animation is awesome. I'm sculpting (well.. trying to..!) miniatures in clay and other stuff like that and I find it quite hard to make precise details. Even if you don't have crazy details, there are a lot of them. It sure took time! It requires patience and passion.
And all the animations were very fluid! The postures you made Michael doing are neat, really.
I prefer this kinf of animations rather than CGI, because the way it moves, how it is done, this looks much more.. tangible. I mean; they are real stuff, real miniatures, not digital processed. It gives them more soul than a computer would/could. Keep it on!

Claynimation is a lot of work, and this really well done, loved the sound, but the end is kinda abrupt, while i liked the story is not clear the feelings it should evoke.

Pretty well made, but I'm not sure I would call this parody or comedy. It was more of a sentimental fan animation.

you know what disappoints me? the fact when Kenny dies in a episode sometimes its until the end of the episode, and Kenny is my most favorite character in south park which also bothers me more not cause my favorite character is kenny.