Reviews for "Before and After - Mural interventions"

Finally the author had the creativity to transform in a game his materials that previously were released in form of art slideshows: the artwork is very good, the audio is nice, the game too simple and probably not enough challenging, it's almost impossible to do errors. Anyway with all it's limits it IS a game, a 1,5 stars of encouragement is totally deserved.

I was impressed by myself. I got every single one right! I know that sounds arrogant. That's still probably the main reason why I love this game so much! It was quite fascinating to see these murals. Hard to pick a favorite.

There's so many I can't really single one out. I like that music. This was just a good game. There isn't much else to say. It simply wonderfully sets out what it's supposed to do.

I find this game so fascinating. I have been following your creations for a while, and absolutely LOVE your style of art. I think the game also had a bit of challenge to it, without being a game that pulls you in for hours at a time - and it's a really unique way to also test skills on detail, and art appreciation.

Keep up the good work, and congratulations on making it this far with creating such beautiful and unique murals. Lots of love from Quebec, Canada!

Your works are allways great !

I like how you turned the showcase into a game! :D And some of those places REALLY received a facelift with this art too! Interesting to see them before and after. Also almost looked like Danny Trejo in one of those pictures but... can't be can it? O_o Nice; inspiring work on all of these!