Reviews for "Walking In Darkness - System Overload (Remix)"

ForeverBound. This rocks. Especially coming out of a regular slow style. One thing. I think you should try looking into harder house and trap. For example, Jay Hardway/ Martin Garrix/ Xtrullor (Newgrounds). Hope that helped! You did a good drop for first try. Nice job for first songs like that. I know it's a bit of a transition. I would just look also in the Electro House/ Hard House type genre.

Wow you skills really improved over the years. This is dramatic!

What in the world o_O ..
What a massive skill jump/improvement you made since... before summer break!
Its insane man! To top it of,
this is the first song of yours where the bass levels are to my liking! :O
And lets be honest, the song is good..

Great song

Come back to us ForeverBound!