Reviews for "Surplus Snakes"

Pretty cool concept! The AI and controls work really good, I wish there were checkpoints after each level, but still. I mean, the game would be good even without levels, having just the classic four walled snake room so levels are just a plus.

Good game overall. For 72 hours, very nicely done.
I think you misunderstood earlier comments about the control problems: When first launching the game there is a short delay phase where the arrow keys do nothing (lag). That could be improved.

Pretty good game. Bit of a challenge at first, but the game is well made and fun.

The Art Style Is Amazing. The Music Is, Too. The Controls Feel Bad And Hard To Use, The Snakes Pop Up With An Unnoticeable Warning. I Got Used To The Controls Now, So Not Much Of A Problem There. It's A Good Game Overall.

controls feel bad and hard to use but otherwise i like it