Reviews for "Surplus Snakes"

I liek this gam.
very slither.

very annoy when die


orange08 responds:

much thank 4 play

Fun snake twist, and the spawning/moves of other snakes are really well balanced.
+All this in 72h! amazing... 10/10! :)

I love this! Great LD entry, nice work.

I'm not sure why people complain about the controls, I felt like they added the perfect amount of challenge. It's a tough game, though. My jaw dropped when I finally saw there were multiple levels. A level select would be nice.

Really well done!

The end, finally, after too many tries, what will happen if THERE IS A NEXT LEVEL?!

This game is too hardcore for me, would be nice to at least get a save point at the beginning of a level maybe, but very nicely done overall. The enemy AI is actually not half bad, the look of the game is perfect, the gameplay is mostly intuitive. For a 72 hour game it's particularly impressive.

orange08 responds:

Thank you for the very nice comment and review!