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Reviews for "Cat People V.S. Dog People"

Funny and well done!

I work in animal control and this is so accurate! So many of my friends keep turning into dogs... it's depressing honestly...

This sums up the useless debates in the internet nowadays. Great animation, Cheetoh! Also, nice voice acting, Joe! Also, I love how you put fitting music in the animation, Shozi. You guys are great!

yes. so much yes. I was on a dog forum the other day, lurking around to see all the nuts talking about hwo they want to dry roast their neighbor's Chihuahua. Those people need help.
I have a cat AND dogs. yeesh.

I've met a lot of people who hates cats and love dogs, I love both, I have three dogs and one cat. Some friends are like "eww, you have cat, don't ever invite to your place" and I'm like "yeah, I don't want my poor baby near you". Of course i'm joking around, but they don't. Some of them hate cats bc a cat was grumpy or something like that. But they should give them a chance, both cats and dogs are awesome.