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Reviews for "Cat People V.S. Dog People"

Damn! Perfect!
Aniamtions ,voices, twist xD Really nice!
It like a vegan telling to an omnivore about what is right for him..

yes. so much yes. I was on a dog forum the other day, lurking around to see all the nuts talking about hwo they want to dry roast their neighbor's Chihuahua. Those people need help.
I have a cat AND dogs. yeesh.

This sums up the useless debates in the internet nowadays. Great animation, Cheetoh! Also, nice voice acting, Joe! Also, I love how you put fitting music in the animation, Shozi. You guys are great!

I work in animal control and this is so accurate! So many of my friends keep turning into dogs... it's depressing honestly...

great work! I really enjoyed the video :)