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Reviews for "Cat People V.S. Dog People"


they really are

I like Cats I just prefer Dogs
My mom actually has a cat named storm

I've met a lot of people who hates cats and love dogs, I love both, I have three dogs and one cat. Some friends are like "eww, you have cat, don't ever invite to your place" and I'm like "yeah, I don't want my poor baby near you". Of course i'm joking around, but they don't. Some of them hate cats bc a cat was grumpy or something like that. But they should give them a chance, both cats and dogs are awesome.

I was hoping for a balanced view here, but what was there was portrayal of dog people as inadequate while cat person looked so sane in comparison. Pretty biased, considering cat people go crazy more often and cats carry parasites that can kill children.

Cheetoh responds:

I agree honestly. I felt the same shortly after making this and I keep beating myself up about it :/