Reviews for "Puzzzled"

Very good puzzle game, much better, more innovative and more challenging then another generic escape game. Medals and highscores are a nice bonus. Beautiful background, would love the option to play such a game fullscreen. Animation of the cubes rotating would be cool although not necessary.

#4 was the only one that really gave me any trouble. I ended up looking at the walk-through and I still don't understand it. Other than that though, great puzzles! I miss those old flash games where you had to obtain objects and find your way into or out of things.

My only complaint is that it seemed a bit short. But it was quite a mind puzzler in some spots. It did a pretty good job between difficulty and hints to help you along.

Overall a pretty fun way to challenge your brain. Just wish it was a bit longer cause I was sad to see it end.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I know it could have been longer. I didn't want to make it too long though. I will be able to make sequel. :)

Took me 23 minutes to finish the 5 puzzles on my own. The only part i got stuck was puzzle number 4.... I'd explain how and what i got stuck on, but i'd be giving the answer to people. :P

Either way, it was nice to see how well i picked up on common sense and what i struggled with. Keep them coming! I love sharing these things to my friends and watching them struggle. hahaha

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and actually made it through!

34 minutes :O I'm to bad for this game, i want to play part two for revange ;)