Reviews for "Future Soldier TV"

This game is really cool , Also loved how you made it look like an arcade game on an old Tv.

Also the pixel sprites were well done, loved the character designs but the tanks... umm not that much.
The music was epic and it kinda kept the mood going.

Also the 1st level kinda felt unnecessary, maybe that's only me feeling that way :(
And the gun looks cool with the sparks that come out of it when you fire, BUT the type of gun is a pistol that shoots bullets one at a time but it looks like an automatic rifle that keeps shooting even though there's not bullets fired of it! Making it look like a automatic rifle but shoots like a pistol unless you pick the "Gun shoots faster" power up , does the animation fit the current profile.

I hope you can make this minor adjustment to make it look much more appealing(Details is key buddy).

The character runs faster which makes up for the amount of damage you deal(Far less damage)
Hence the balance is required here and you made it work!

Anyway well done on your game and good Luck further !

A pretty good Smash TV clone! Game really gives me Hotline Miami vibes, and the gameplay reflects that! The game could benefit from a leaderboard, even if it has to be an offline one.

Eh, I didn't care much for this. The graphics weren't that good. It was just the same room over and over. The fellow shooters were easily the hardest enemies. I mean, they were fast and they could fire quickly! At least the machines were slower.

I got past Room 4 and didn't get a medal. Yeah, it's hard to play without a mouse. I uh, don't have one. I still earned one medal at least. I liked those gas containers.

Not a new concept by any means, but not a bad little game. Movement is a little jerky and too quick, sound fx and graphics could be better, and powerups or add-ons would go a long way to making this a more gun game.

"you shoot slower" what!? "enemies shoot faster" say who!?!? ""you lose a health pack" wtf!? are you @%*#%$^#%@$ kidding me!?!?!?

i sure gotta say, that was a bit of a shock. negative bonuses are an interesting concept, and though i'm not sure if i appreciate them, i gotta say they certainly make the game more interesting.

well, i know i firstly should've mentioned that this kind of control scheme should never be used, even for schmups, but that'll never stop people from making them. with that out of the way, i'll get to the real business... the future soldier is absurdly fast, and while i appreciate his ability to maneuver, it doesn't help when you factor in his occasional ability to get stuck to the side of the screen. i don't mean getting stuck to barrels or enemies: that makes sense, though unfortunate. i mean when i'm trying to dodge and i get snagged by nothing but the edge of the screen as my guy gets obliterated.

on top of that, considering the sporadic/inconsistant nature of the power-ups, the only safe time to grab them is between stages, if you dare. that's also assuming that you won't materialize in the right by an enemy that will literally shoot you before you can even move, and you have a game that's honestly stacked against you from the get go. the only reason to play is because the enemy AI and types are so predictably easy and countered, it's almost criminal to begin with, so that the downsides of the game seem to have purposefully been left in to make up for the lack of difficulty.

on the bright side, the music ain't that bad. seriously, i could probably sit here and play the game for a couple hours if it weren't for the fact that the game doesn't have that kind of replayability, genuine difficulty, or even reason to play to begin with. that's what at least one star is for, and not much else.