Reviews for "Future Soldier TV"

Good Game. Easy But Solid Controls, The Gun Feels Like The Shots Pull A Bit To The Right Of Where The Player Is Aiming Though.

Don't play on a laptop without a mouse.

I like it but it would be better if there was more to it.

This game is pretty fun and generally well made aside one particular bug, however this game is also pretty generic, there are many games like this and the enemy variety isn't too big.

The bad bug is that sometimes enemies spawn or slide off screen making it impossible to kill all objects on screen or sometimes possible but only by shooting blindly at sides of screen.

I also think that power up boxes shouldn't have negative items. Temporary nerfs are useless in this game because the player can just sit them out before advancing to the next screen. And boxes taking away a life is not a fun mechanic especially since it seems to occur as often as getting a life from them. If you want to make a game more challenging with powerups, then they should just be rarer.

Also the immortality powerup is misleading as the hero can still be hit by explosions when under it, it should state: "You are bulletproof" instead.

The retro style bulging screen effect is nice and the game concept does remind of some 90s action movies like Running Man and similar.

it is ok
some mights say he runs faster than S A N I C but who knows right?^^