Reviews for "Newgrounds Redux: Metal Gear Awesome 3"

Its good

Egoraptor's awesome shit was the firs thing I remember watching of his! I loved the animations and rewatched them many, many times since release. I saw this pop up, instant click. Finally, an end to the series, I was sad when i found out he gave up on animation for the most part, thank you for this!

Egoraptor! You're back! Okay, you're just a voice actor here but it's better than nothing. It's nice to know the person on this website with the most fans is still around every now and then. I loved the bizarre animation. I admit I'm not the biggest fan of the original.

Wow, that last joke was at the very, very end. How impressive! It was great to see the Newgrounds characters, especially the Madness ones. It reminds me of the Net Neutrality ad I see when I get here. Oh, they're connected.

This has so much yes in it. By that I mean, this is fucking awesome, and I love it.

this is awesome :D