Reviews for "Newgrounds Redux: Metal Gear Awesome 3"

Gotta be honest I kind of expected better.

I mean if you really wanted to make a proper MGA 3 you would'nt have gone overboard with the whole Newgrounds thing. And come on you couldn't at least get Johnny Utah to do the voice for Tankman?

I mean I appreciated you guys tried but...I guess I'm just underwhelmed. I'm sorry

A blast from the past

that was amazing :D

Wow it Took Egoraptor THIS LONG to beat MGS1?! Lol, but in all seriousness this is a surprise I wasn't expecting and although short, it feels nice to have a Part 3/Final to this...

The plot was so F#$%$ing funny and it´s good to know that egoraptor was included. The awesome series was so funny lol.