Reviews for "Constellation"

Fun game. Kinda addicting trying to find everything.

I liked the combination of life, rain, rainbow, and music.
Also morning, glow, box, snow.
green + embers
cyan + bubbles + fishs + pillars
evening + mist + cubes
brown + mist + spheres
shrub + invert + bubbles + teleport
lagoon + dust + glow

other cool words: pollen, donuts, dance, beneath, dust, infinite, palmtrees, arctic, shine, floor, art, statue

A few things I figured out.

question mark in upper right types random command
begin = random area

typing help tells you in gave commands

There's only one I could find that isn't in Rivert's list, and that is woosh. I'm not sure why it does what it does, but it does.

try typing: vaporwave, bigger, bigger, bigger, more color, saturation, hue. ahahaha. Okay now that I kind of get this it's kind of cool. Cheesy, but cool.

type "win," "hue," "gradient," "fire," "wave," then use the arrow keys to move it around until you like it. play some dubstep. it's lit, my guy. you can type "star" to see what it looks like without the kaleidoscope filter. this is such a neat game. definitely my go to time killer.

Lol!!! this took up more time than i am proud of.... get your field
full of penguins,ducks,animals, holly, and whatever else and then type column. makes for some fun trees :)