Reviews for "Constellation"

What the fuck, if you type ''sky'' a bunch of times you get my hometown owo 11/10

Awesome game. Favourite combo = Rain + Sad + Plain + Music

This is awesome for the type of person looking for something easy to use, has so many different options, and is just fun to play around with. The only requirement is knowing how to spell things.
If you want something to do and your mind just jumps all over the place, like my own, this is something that can keep me focused a little bit because it has such a variety to it.

If you can't think of something else to type in just look up "help" and some suggestions will pop up on the screen, or if you just want random stuff then just keep tying in "random".

I like this a lot.

I doubt this is all of the commands, as I keep finding some every few minutes. Here's a list of what I've found so far. Feel free to add to it. Very interesting game, and fun to spend time on.

red, orange, Christmas tree, constellation, alien, win, play, ocean, underwater, holiday, pink, green, hill, lava, call, grass, brown, flower, tower, street, sky, river, rock, autumn, winter, dark blue, blue, we're already there, we aren't there, space, asteroid, lagoon, beach, shrub, demoscene, sunrise, doom, morning, night, heaven, hell, there, nowhere, christmas, rainbow, secret, snowy, marsh, docks, stair, desert, galaxy, lake, forest, devil, emerald, bridge, cloud, beneath, utah, arizona, evening, palm trees, statue, park, ufo, city, outback, island, hotel, fear, design, sodium, bastion, castle, somewhere, nobody is there, tourist, place,

disco, dance, warm, cold, star, infinite, cage, art, cycle, backwards, forwards, chaos, normal, travel, white, black, snow, rain, fog, sunny, light, dark, glasses, 3d, gradient, black and white, blackwhite, teleport, static, wobble, bubble, monochrome, glitch, spider, dust, gameboy, flare, staircase, happy, sad, internet, life, camera, instagram, reflect, vr, cinema, art, video, movie, vaporwave, pollen, glow, mist, embers, vivid, cry, pixel, love, warhol, photo, fov,

music, audio

item altering commands/misc:
ring, row, explode, question mark, random, answer, stuff, clear, object, spin, line, up, down, answer, small, big, huge, tiny, smallest, biggest, flip, left, right, close, closer, farther, far, fall, sepia, game, tidy, back, reset, delete, restart, backtofront, atom, orbit, lose, matrix, nuke, death, in, out, vvvvvv, faster, slower, fast, slow, gun, connect, disconnect, sine, cos, undo, distribute, bye,

helpful commands:
back, reset, normal, audio, delete, filter, clear, restart, random, tidy, nuke, begin, death, begin, fov, undo,

items (not their plural forms):
house, lighthouse, tree, ball, circle, square, triangle, sphere, child, man, woman, computer, chair, phone, egg, shark, extinguisher, pear, person, fish, moon, planet, earth, sun, window, bone, skeleton, skull, cow, bush, deer, book, read, word, doll, hat, cowboy, horse, watermelon, car, gift, animal, cat, dog, turtle, traffic, cube, stripe, pizza, hand, mars, breakfast, coffee, croissant, scribble, meow, apple, wireframe, donut, pyramid, pineapple, bucket, clipboard, queen, hourglass, laptop, duck, penguin, guitar, secret, fruit, tube, vaporwave, pillar, lamp, mug, face, plant, friend, notebook, polygon, bread, hello, goodbye, king, bear, cup, milk, time, hi,

type Hi