Reviews for "Constellation"

i type and nothing happens. it doesn't even show that I am typing. broken game. shame, looks fun.

Pretty damn fricking fun for a web browser game, I will love to see the game updates and with more commands! good job Terry! :)

This is honestly one of the best games I've possibly ever played.

If you type in "apple", it will spawn a single apple. Typing in "bed" will give you a background; others include "heaven", "red", and "beach". Typing in "reset/clear/delete/lose" will erase everything. If you type in "constellation/galaxy", it will give you an arrangement of planets. If you type in "hot" or "cold" it will give you a filter.

5/5. Perfect.

Could use a lot more commands BUT very cool idea!
Add things like dragons,snakes, video game references, maybe even Markiplier since he got me into this one of a kind game maybe even bands from the 80's . There's lots already here and I like it, but more can be generated!

Try to type friend! For me, it spawnd in a ant... #FOREVERALONE