Reviews for "Skids"

I liked the animation; but I think it would be better without the dialogue. Sometimes sayings less tells more.

That was really cool.
Not confusing at all because the situation was being explained as it progressed.
Great job here

cool but kinda confusing

Unbelievable animation skills! Dialogue/script of Skids thinking to himself gets old pretty fast though. Maybe dial it back a little bit and let the visuals tell your story more, similar to how Genndy Tartakovsky talked about the importance of visuals in Samurai Jack more so than dialogue.

Trunchbull responds:

yeahhh if i animate a future scene from the comments im probably gonna remove some dialogue; the stuff here was every speech bubble from the comic; comics can get away with wordiness but ahhh... animation cannot in the same situation
thank you much =)

This is pretty rough. I'm going to just assume you're using Flash so as a heads up, whenever you use the tween for a zoom-in or an object veering off into the distance, make sure the height and width dimensions are locked and don't use the free transform tool to expand the content on the stage, just fiddle with the numbers in the height and width until you get the focus you want. Seeing that zoom where everything started expanding vertically was painful.

Trunchbull responds:

I used PaintTool SAI to draw the animation [its not an animation program though..] and photoshop to put the animation into mov files... no flash, everything had to be hand tweened... so thats why its not that great hahhhh