Reviews for "Gloriosa Daisy - Nature Crazy (18+ Commission)"

God I love your style!

EroPharaoh responds:

I love you!

Awesome as always ;) Keep up the fantastic work!

EroPharaoh responds:

Thank you as always! ;)

Overall a solid work. Took me a while to recall the character.
Did not remember that was their name heh.

Anyhow, really good set of customization options. The voicework is pretty solid as well.
It has nice expressions and motions to. Bit heavy on the graphics as said. And does require a bit of zooming in. Feels like it could have been made more efficiently compact.

I will say I quirked my eye a bit at how the climax was having the random vine ejaculate... whatever it now is. Was honestly expecting her to have a visible climax. Just feels a little disjointed on what she's supposed to be doing. Like, is she supposed to be masturbating? Or what is that vine thing she's pleasuring?

In either case. Still a solid point above average. But could be a bit more optimized. And feels like it lacks direction a bit. Still a good amount of effort put into it. (the selection row still decides to vanish at seemingly random times though)

EroPharaoh responds:

Not all women squirt! I figured the wide eyes and orgasmic shout would give away her climax. She enjoys being filled up. ;)
I've been trying to figure out what the menu issue is, the scripting is very simple so I don't really know where to look. I keep thinking I fixed it because it happens on and off, which certainly doesn't help.
Thanks for the comment!! :D