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Reviews for "Kirlia Training"

how to confirm you didn't catch yet another male kirlia.

CumminHam responds:

well, gusse thats one way tah doit. lol

Amazing I hope to see this extended or more of something like this!

CumminHam responds:

I likely wont be extending this persay.. however at some point ill ve doing a sequal with gardevoir.

Regardless of where the models came from since it's not credited, well made! I don't usually see 3D models of this quality nor this quality of animation in 3D porn so again, very nice!

Only criticisms are:
-The trainer being muscular feels out of place when it's set in the Poke universe
-That slapping sound

I'd suggest ignoring the other reviews whining about it being rape or pfft..I should just report them for being ignorant..not helpful.

I mean this is Pokemon, they're enslaved when captured. The only way you could have 'consensual' sex with a Poke is to stick your dick in a wild one and that's just asking for trouble.

Reason being is that Pokemon have powers! Kirlia is a Psychic type, it could've ripped his dick off but again, they're enslaved, so no choice. Doesn't matter if they 'agreed' to it or not either, they're forced to like you. That form of rape is just so the rapist feels no remorse.

Just my opinion on the matter. Good luck on future projects, CumminHam. You got the stuff!

CumminHam responds:

Yeah, I built the models xD Thank you i put alot of work into it!

The mans design was based off the sailor class from ruby and sapphire which are rather muscular. He is designed to look like he is apart of a Pokemon trafficing ring... idk. Its all rather dubious either way.

Yeah my sound design needs some work... i might actually make my own sound effects... idk ill have to test it out.

Yeah originally it wasn't suppose to be rape but rather just rough or forced sex that she grew to enjoy. but i cut some scenes out that weren't working and was surprised how it changed how it was interpreted....

Regardless it caused me to get my point across better in the future. I have since waited to render anything until the animation is done so i can make sure everything works and aren't backed into a corner.

Thanks for the feedback!

Either way its all animated so there are no victims. But people can hate it or love it as they wish.


We need more animation