Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2017"

Great animation, specially the Dajnosauer

10 years? Holy hell glad to see this thing made it that long

ValterValyun responds:

I appreciate the motivating comment, Wegra! Let there be another ten years of The Sketch Collab! Cheers!!

As someone who ran this collab (2009-2012), the fact that after 10 years this is still going makes me proud. And now with it's 5th showrunner! It's crazy seeing who's stuck by it and who's joined the Sketch Collab alumni, and there were a tonne of really solid parts this year. Part of me's a little sad that TheMAM didn't make the cut given that he ran the thing 2013-2016, but the final product this year was awesome regardless. Good job, ValterValyun, and everyone who animated this year! Looking forward to 2018's collab! :)

this is really awesome girls animation is best