Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2017"

Cool like last time.

Happy 10th! :) Didn't realize it'd been so long! Kudos on still keeping this thing going, and as always a creative and highly variational stream of sketchy animation with uplifting audio in back! Dinosaurs, superheroes, super-expressive dudes and other.. formless beasts that take up excessive screen space? An inspiring dose of imagination! Nice work all!


I liked this! Lots of cool and creative entries from everyone :) Only complaint is RGP's part and HipnikDragomir's part. Rgp needs to learn to not use skews like that because it ruined the flow of it being a "pencil like" sketch collab and in my humble opinion, Hipnik's lacked personality and emotion. Mostly with the lines. Overall, I enjoyed this collab

ValterValyun responds:

Thank you for the helpful feedback! I'm sure we will improve for the next year's collab!

Looks nice I like it!

Great animation, specially the Dajnosauer