Reviews for "The Sketch Collab 2017"

All these animations were each very different which I think made the final video even better. Really made me want to grab my pencil and sketch now because of the whole overall feel.

Lovely work to everyone :)

This was a joy to watch, clearly a lot effort went into this. The awesome themes of each part were so cool to watch, but that's also where it lacks slightly. I think that the randomness should stay for sure, but maybe try and connect them together in a way.

ValterValyun responds:

One participant actually mentioned about it and suggested we should have fixated on one size brush or only a certain set of palettes. But we all use different tools, methods, and style to create our entries, so it might be difficult to make the collab as a whole unison.

But I'll take your suggestion into consideration for next year's ;)

10 years? Holy hell glad to see this thing made it that long

ValterValyun responds:

I appreciate the motivating comment, Wegra! Let there be another ten years of The Sketch Collab! Cheers!!

Cool like last time.

Happy 10th! :) Didn't realize it'd been so long! Kudos on still keeping this thing going, and as always a creative and highly variational stream of sketchy animation with uplifting audio in back! Dinosaurs, superheroes, super-expressive dudes and other.. formless beasts that take up excessive screen space? An inspiring dose of imagination! Nice work all!