Reviews for "Color Combat"

Man! It was "intense" and addictive. Easy to do special moves and some combos. Good job!
Maybe if you worked more on the stages, i would give 5 stars. But anyway, good game.

holy fuck this was stupid. round 1 on normal. he just instantly slammed into me in a corner and barraged me until i was dead and i was spamming my punch/kick and it went off like once.

holy crap another dev trying to make a fighter game without the intelligence to balance whatsoever.

with the controls i couldn't do much more than run and punch. Also nurple had me pinned as i could not attack while he did. 2.5 stars for you.

This game is really good! I just love the way the game is just simple and you know how to play it pretty much straight away. The combo keys to do a move is quite cool.

Amazing! The game feels really good, I'm surprised!