Reviews for "Color Combat"

Was fun :) i liked that the boss was just op enough to give you a hard time but still winnable. Mooortall koooommbaaaat

Congrats on making the best web game

The Gameplay was fine the only thing is you can do a bunch of combos and never let your rival move so then it sorta gets boring.

This was a nice little game. I played through it as the first guy at least on normal level, and after I got the hang of blocking and counterattacking I could (usually) pin the opponent in the corner and beat the shit out of him, so I say you have every right to respond to people whining "it's too hard" by saying "nah u jus sux, git gud r git lost".

There's definitely room for improvement with, well, pretty much everything from graphics to sound/music and even gameplay (maybe prevent pinning someone in a corner from being so overpowered) but it's still a pretty good game for what it is. On my second playthrough as a different guy the game bugged out and I was stuck crouching and sliding right while the opponent didn't do anything, not sure if that's a bug on my end or in the code (using Chrome on Windows with Flash

@sharpnova For someone that produces crappy music and quit a long time ago. I wouldn't be talking, especially since you gave NO tips on how to improve and just called it shit. Shut up.

As for the developer, this was a really thrilling game. Don't listen to anybody like sharpnova. The only thing you could fix is the visuals. The gameplay is stunning. 4.5 Stars