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Reviews for "Midget Mager"

A good retro platformer, seems to be no bugs.
I don't really like the music but it fits well to the game.

I wonder how much did it takes you to make it ?

ryogo responds:

Thanks for playing the game!

Work on this game began a year ago when I started to learn using Construct 2. I had no experience in game development prior to that. I'm working a full-time job so I could only work on the game during my free time.

This game is really good in terms of mechanics, art, etc, and yet I just can't get into it for some reason. Maybe I need to revisit it, but it just left me feeling flat. Dunno. At any rate, great work.

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the comment!
The game is certainly not meant to please everybody, I'm mostly targeting fans of retro platformers.
I really appreciate that you acknowledged the hard work I put into the game by giving me 4 stars even though you couldn't get into it!

This game really stands out between all the worthless platformers which you can find online. While you recommend a controller, I played it with a keyboard without any issues. Gameplay is smooth, difficulty well balanced. The graphics are well done.

A basic story at the start and between the levels would make it more interesting/polished.

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
The game is still in development. A basic story is planned, but it's probably what I'll do last.

I'm missing something here: how do you complete a level? I've collected - as far as I can tell - all the gems that are available on level 1-1 (80). I get to a stack of platforms where the top one has what looks like a door. I can't go through the door. What am I doing wrong?

ryogo responds:

When the character is standing in front of a doorway, press up to enter and continue. Thanks for playing the game.

Hey I also beat this game! It was hard but I enjoyed every second of it.

My feedback
-If the final boss of this demo is going to be the first boss of the finished game, it should be a bit easier. I'd make the acorn bits-bounce not random, so that you can rely on learning the pattern of the acorns.
-Entering doors can be a bit tricky sometimes, I suggest making their hitbox a bit wider.
-The FlameDrop move can be canceled by simply releasing the down arrow key, which is good, but I think there should be some more visual feedback for this so that I see why my spell doesn't cast.
-A lot of enemies make use of RNG, which gets annoying in the tower where there's a bunch of corridors with jumping rodents walking in an area that's just 2 tiles high. I suggest you either make their jumps timed or add an anticipation animation for when they're about to jump.
-Same for the jumping fish, showing where they are before they jump and shoot would make the game feel a lot more fair.
The fist waterfall is over a pit that kills you, people might not know you can't doublejump in a waterfall, so maybe introduce it in a safe environment.

I really like the way the gems act like noteblocks and play a little tune when collected the right way.
And I like that empty blocks fart.

Edit: but why introduce the waterfall mechanic in a secret stage?

ryogo responds:

Hey thanks for enjoying my game and for the feedback!

The build you played dates from early 2018 so a lot of stuff has already been tweaked. The first boss is already a bit easier, and the doublejump isn't disabled anymore in waterfalls, instead only the jump height is affected. (the waterfall is introduced in the first stage's secret room)

After reading what you said about the FlameDrop cancellation (now called MeteorDrop) I added a smoke puff that spawns when the down key is released before hitting something. Thanks for pointing this out!

Also I'm glad you liked the blocks fart, I was debating whether I should keep it or not. Believe it or not, someone was actually offended by the fart song when he got the worst prize in the shop's minigame!

I hope you'll be interested to play the full game when it will be out!