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Reviews for "Midget Mager"

Nicely designed game. Feels like a classic NES title but with better graphics.

ryogo responds:

Thank you heroyooky, this is EXACTLY what I was aiming for!

Not bad, but there are a few things that I do not like:

The controls are a bit uncomfortable, at least for me; I'm very used to using "z" and "x" instead "x" and "c". I insist, this is just personal.

I feel that the game has a lot of gravity because the character feels very heavy.
It's a bit annoying that your only attack (apart from crushing the enemies in Mario-style) is a ground pound, wich can also be pretty hard to perform.

The difficulty is quite high, however this is due to the aforementioned problems.

But this game also has good things. The music and the graphics are excellent, and I like the NES-style interface. In addition, despite its flaws, the gameplay responds quite well.

It's not a bad game, but it could have been better.
(Sorry for the bad English)

ryogo responds:

Thank you for playing my game!

I understand that you may have felt that the character was too heavy, but I think that once you get used to it, it makes the jumping (and overall gameplay) much faster and fun.
I really didn't want a floaty jumping.

Also, when you have a spell book you can Flamedrop (ground pound) any solid surface to cast flames.
Otherwise the Flamedrop is better used to prevent the character from bouncing too high from an enemy's head.

A good retro platformer, seems to be no bugs.
I don't really like the music but it fits well to the game.

I wonder how much did it takes you to make it ?

ryogo responds:

Thanks for playing the game!

Work on this game began a year ago when I started to learn using Construct 2. I had no experience in game development prior to that. I'm working a full-time job so I could only work on the game during my free time.

Well, this is a nice change from all the junk that gets thrown into the "under judgement pile"!
Although the title sounds a bit dubious, it got my attention. The graphics are nicely drawn and resemble a game from the Gameboy Advance era. The camera is a bit shaky when moving and jumping, which could put a few players off.

The controls are tight and responsive, but I find it odd that it's X and C and not the standard "Z and X" setup.

I would say more positive things about it except... there is a section of the first stage with the platforms that move up when you jump on them, the screen goes completely black. I refreshed my page multiple times and it still happened when I reached that point. I don't know if it is a bug in the game or if my browser cannot handle something. You should consider looking into that as it might be problematic if it's a bug for everyone.

ryogo responds:

The bug you're talking about is when you got on the purple mushroom? Nothing like what you described ever happened to me or anyone else ever playing the game... Are you using Chrome or Edge?
The camera shouldn't be shaky either like you described in the first paragraph...