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Reviews for "Midget Mager"

There is a door in stage 1-2 before the verticle area that can't be entered. It's the one above the door that leads to the verticle area. The door is one space above the platform you would stand on to enter it. Also, the "game of chance" in the shop doesn't do anything.

ryogo responds:

Thank you for the comment!
The door you're talking about is an exit-only. It's there to hint the player that there's a secret room nearby (above).
Also, the Game of Chance was disabled because it's not yet finished.

I really like the execution of this game. It looks professional with the attention to the level design and game play mechanics. It's also very responsive, with no discernible delay. The graphics are great, but a tad too small. It harkens back to the 8bit era of Wonder Boy & some other Master System classics.

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the review!
Glad you liked the game, I really spent a lot of time to get everything as great as possible!
Also, I guess that my two main influences for the game are Super Mario Bros and Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

Loved the music and the mage design.
You made it look like Mario with a twist haha.
Loved the pixel art.
But if felt like you need to rearrange the controls for the keyboard!
you could put up down left and right - the normal move and jump buttons for every other game.
With space bar for special power - flame drop. Simple is always better.
And one more thing, when i tried to flame drop a rock that was under 5 others i broke everything to get the power up , this resulted in breaking a rock with which i could have made a higher jump onto another platform, and i couldn't collect the rest of the gems.
This happened in the first stage.
I think you should fix it.
Well done on the game and good luck further!

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the comment! Did you know you can double-jump and that there's a dedicated button to make the character run (X on the keyboard)? Even though the rocks are broken the platform is still reachable

beautifully made game but the difficulty level is insane ! way too hard for me ...

ryogo responds:

Thanks for playing my game! As for the difficulty, it's pretty hard to gauge because personally I thought I had made it too easy (except for a couple areas)!

This is really nice, feels like a more polished Mario Bros from the NES! Great job!

ryogo responds:

Thank you for the nice comment!