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Reviews for "Midget Mager"

Hey I also beat this game! It was hard but I enjoyed every second of it.

My feedback
-If the final boss of this demo is going to be the first boss of the finished game, it should be a bit easier. I'd make the acorn bits-bounce not random, so that you can rely on learning the pattern of the acorns.
-Entering doors can be a bit tricky sometimes, I suggest making their hitbox a bit wider.
-The FlameDrop move can be canceled by simply releasing the down arrow key, which is good, but I think there should be some more visual feedback for this so that I see why my spell doesn't cast.
-A lot of enemies make use of RNG, which gets annoying in the tower where there's a bunch of corridors with jumping rodents walking in an area that's just 2 tiles high. I suggest you either make their jumps timed or add an anticipation animation for when they're about to jump.
-Same for the jumping fish, showing where they are before they jump and shoot would make the game feel a lot more fair.
The fist waterfall is over a pit that kills you, people might not know you can't doublejump in a waterfall, so maybe introduce it in a safe environment.

I really like the way the gems act like noteblocks and play a little tune when collected the right way.
And I like that empty blocks fart.

Edit: but why introduce the waterfall mechanic in a secret stage?

ryogo responds:

Hey thanks for enjoying my game and for the feedback!

The build you played dates from early 2018 so a lot of stuff has already been tweaked. The first boss is already a bit easier, and the doublejump isn't disabled anymore in waterfalls, instead only the jump height is affected. (the waterfall is introduced in the first stage's secret room)

After reading what you said about the FlameDrop cancellation (now called MeteorDrop) I added a smoke puff that spawns when the down key is released before hitting something. Thanks for pointing this out!

Also I'm glad you liked the blocks fart, I was debating whether I should keep it or not. Believe it or not, someone was actually offended by the fart song when he got the worst prize in the shop's minigame!

I hope you'll be interested to play the full game when it will be out!


I like this one, but already in level 1, the screen goes black at the point where you go up. Strange but consistent bug. (Chrome, Windows 7).

ryogo responds:

Hi, like I mentioned in the Author's Comments above, you need to enable your browser's hardware acceleration to not get a black screen. It's in Settings -> Advanced -> System.
I Hope you'll try playing again!

Hey I beat this game! Very well made keep up the good work.

My Feedback
- I think if you do the gems like the yoshi coin style from super mario world is better than doing the small gems + large gems. They are a bit random and I think most people are not going to bother collecting all the small gems
- The firing mechanic needs to be tweaked a bit in the controls. I find it hard to accurately get a blast out, maybe dedicated button instead of smashing down but I you intended that way for some reason
- The boss branch bounce is too tricky lol I'm pretty sure the branches homes on you when you are near by am I right? Because of the bounce animation it throws me off on where I should be moving

And on a side note
- for the longest time I thought the buttons in the final castle were mushrooms! I didn't bother hitting them and couldn't figure out where to go. It's just me though

Played fine on Firefox with keyboard. No need to recommend Chrome :)

ryogo responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

- The gems work as currency to buy stuff in the shop after each level (given that the player found the level's Star Coin). Like the basic coins in Super Mario Bros, the player doesn't HAVE to collect them all.

- For the spell casting mechanic, I know it can be harder to use and aim accurately than a single button press, but with practice it becomes second nature, and I also think it's more fun like this. Besides, stomping the enemies remains the main method of attack.

- The nut shards were not homing on you. There's a slight randomness to the bouncing angle, and the strength of the bounce is greater when a nut hits a block instead of the ground.

- As for the switches you've mistaken for mushrooms, I've added a subtle flashing animation to them to draw the player's attention (not in the demo build though).


ryogo responds: