Reviews for "Dinosaur thing"

I was going to compliment this cartoon because it had no bodily fluids. Low and behold, they eventually appear! Anyway, this was still pretty entertaining. I am a big fan of dinosaurs. What a coincidence, I'm watching one of the "Land Before Time" movies right now! Yeah, not that good.

Well, at least I have this to watch. I felt sorry how that one dinosaur had no arms. I don't know if there were any like that. We might never know. The animation's good as always.

golfinho responds:

scat porno the movie

So creative and mindbending. I wish I had some weed now...

Headbutted the headbutter. Noice.

love the art style.

Despite the unrealistic dinosaur portrayal... yes they're pretty cool! XD Creative things going on the dinosaur world.