Reviews for "Marth is OP"

I give this 3 stars for good animation, however, it didn't really keep my attention for three (or four) reasons:

The content is dated. Melee is one of my favorite games, but, for a Nintendo game, it hasn't really held up over the years. This is a bit hypocritical of me as I submitted an animation based on another one of my favorite (and outdated) games this year.

You padded out the time using character reactions that more or less would've worked in a project with original characters. Not only that, the padding was for an unnecessary amount of attempts of dramatic effect.

The comedy relied mostly on concepts, rather than timing.

So while the animation is fine, there's this unfortunate disconnect that just makes me want to see how much time is left until the video is over. Good, try, but it could've been better.

You have revealed to me a new source of comedy in the form of Marth's grab range.

Decent animation, but it needed something. Not really sure what since I'm no animator or writer.

As I clicked this movie I misread the title as: Math is OP and thought that maybe this will be a clever parody about math being essential and unavoidable to all other natural sciences and a movie about the mathematical fabric of universe.

But it turned out to be some irrelevant pop-culture parody that I happen to not know about, due to not having played that game or whatever it is, pretending to be the worst kind of DBZ posturing, without the DBZ charm.

I give 3 stars for decent animation but nothing special about content.

a old school one nice

Well done, funny and relatable(Melee Marth is my shit). 5/5 for the "let's dance".